New year, new resolutions, new hope, new beginnings…

I like to joke with people that I made my last new year’s resolution many years ago, and I’ve kept it ever since. I resolved never to make a New Year’s resolution ever again. I honestly never really got on with the whole new year’s resolution thing. Maybe it was because of my own laziness or inability to stick to a goal. Maybe it was how many people I had watched make resolutions and then not keep them. Whatever the reason, I never really held any stock in it.

In reality New Year’s resolutions can be a really great thing… Continue reading “New”


Supply lines are incredibly important. Tim Cook revolutionized the supply lines at Apple helping make it into the amazingly successful consumer electronics company it is today. In the military, wars have been won and lost because of supply line issues. If the front line gets too far ahead of their supply line, their progress will be slowed dramatically. If the supplies get too far ahead, they risk vulnerability and capture by the enemy. Continue reading “Bittersweet”


The plan was: run down to Mayo for a quick 2nd opinion and come home. We didn’t plan on spending the night in a hotel, Joel getting an additional MRI, and another appointment in the afternoon. People who know me know that I like doing things spur of the moment. I’m Mr. Spontaneous. Sometimes it works out, much to my wife’s (Mrs. PlannedOutList) chagrin. Lots of times it doesn’t. Continue reading “Control”

Rolling with the Punches

The following post is a ‘virtual chapter’ addition to David Mathis’ and Jonathan Parnell’s book How to Stay Christian in Seminary (affiliate link). Mathis and Parnell taught my seminary J-Term class this past month. From our own perspective, and drawing from the class, one of our assignments was to write what we would add as an additional chapter to their book. It was an enjoyable exercise and below you will find my contribution. Continue reading “Rolling with the Punches”

You Don’t Know What You’ve Done

To whom it may concern,

I don’t know who you are, but I owe you some significant thanks, and because simply saying, “Thank you” is not enough, I want to share this story of grace with you.

Last week, I logged into our Seminary’s online management tool to check into a class I was awaiting a syllabus on. Our classes for the Spring semester began yesterday, Monday the 11th. Upon logging in I saw the familiar alert exclamation points near the top of the screen, but this time something was different. Continue reading “You Don’t Know What You’ve Done”


As I was reading Psalm 17 this morning, I saw the cry of the unborn within it. I then reread it from the perspective of an unborn child rather than David. Please pray for an end to abortion in the world, only God can accomplish it. Continue reading “Unborn”