Cheap Trick wrote a song in 1977 that was released originally on their album “In Color“. Lead guitarist and writer Rick Nielsen penned the words for ¬†“I Want You To Want Me”¬†which initially didn’t get very good reviews from the critics. Though it didn’t do well on its first plays, it did reveal an incredible desire that lives inside everyone in the world. The desire to be loved.

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Its handy having long arms. I’m 6’2″ and my arms are decently long. I’m able to reach those high places in the kitchen where Polly has stashed some seldom used gadget. I imagine myself reaching for it and handing it down to her the way Wesley did for Buttercup in The Princess Bride. “As you wish.” But is seems long arms aren’t enough to be able to reach the most important places sometimes. Continue reading “Arms”


Grieving can be painful. Emotions get confused. Sadness can turn into irritability, or physical illness, and it just doesn’t make much sense.

We have a family friend who is dying. Slowly. She has a form of cancer, and it is taking her life from her. I say that in a blaming way on purpose. It’s not her fault she’s dying, she hasn’t physically done anything to herself that will take her life from her, but none the less, her vaporous life is passing. Continue reading “Grief”