From the archives:

Even with the best of intentions it is so easy to wind up someplace that you never intended to go.  A wrong turn, missing an exit, bad directions, or just poor planning often lead us to places we never wanted to be.  My son Joel, when he was a toddler was spending one day as he normally did, exploring every corner of our house. As he was wandering around he found a cabinet door in the kitchen that he was able to open. What he discovered behind it was more exciting than he imagined. An empty shelf that disappeared beyond his vision. For little Joel, it was an unexplored cavern ripe with possibilities and adventure. Sometimes we see things that catch our attention like that. What we don’t expect is to get stuck, or trapped in a mess of our own making. We work and stress, trying to escape our circumstance but are often unable to save ourselves. That’s when we have to cry our for help. That’s what Joel ended up having to do too. Paula heard his cry and rescued him from his self created snare. Perhaps, you’re like little Joel, just exploring around, wanting to see what is around that next corner, only to find yourself stuck, alone, in the dark, crying for help. I think we are all like that sometimes.  We take a wrong turn and realize before we know what happened that we aren’t where we ought to be, and we cry out to our Father in heaven.  Sometimes we often forget is that He had His eyes on us all along, and has been reaching for us the whole time.

Psalm 40:2