Supply lines are incredibly important. Tim Cook revolutionized the supply lines at Apple helping make it into the amazingly successful consumer electronics company it is today. In the military, wars have been won and lost because of supply line issues. If the front line gets too far ahead of their supply line, their progress will be slowed dramatically. If the supplies get too far ahead, they risk vulnerability and capture by the enemy. Continue reading “Bittersweet”

You Don’t Know What You’ve Done

To whom it may concern,

I don’t know who you are, but I owe you some significant thanks, and because simply saying, “Thank you” is not enough, I want to share this story of grace with you.

Last week, I logged into our Seminary’s online management tool to check into a class I was awaiting a syllabus on. Our classes for the Spring semester began yesterday, Monday the 11th. Upon logging in I saw the familiar alert exclamation points near the top of the screen, but this time something was different. Continue reading “You Don’t Know What You’ve Done”